Prioritizing Vulnerabilities On Cloud And in Software - CVE and the Land of Broken Dreams

Apply threat intelligence and vulnerability management principles across cloud, application security infrastructure security and container security

Prioritizing Vulnerabilities on Cloud and in Software

Modern Approach to vulnerability management, prioritization, and why CVE are not sufficient anymore

Vulnerabilities are increasing on a yearly basis.

First has recorded an increase of 34% of new vulnerabilities declared

10% of the total number of vulnerabilities relly matters

70% of developers admit skipping security steps because there is just too much chaos and confusion

54% of security professionals considering quitting in the next year because of burnout

Why Prioritizing vulnerabilities? Can you afford not to?

89% of organizations interviewed during the latest 22 Verizon data breach report have suffered a breach with a total of 34.23 M losses

39% of the breached organization reported a loss due to software security, credentials in the repository or Cloud misconfiguration.

In a modern sea of vulnerabilities and dev teams avoiding security checks and resolutions due to the sheer amount of vulnerabilities, can you afford not to prioritize vulnerabilities?
Vulnerabilities are currently treated as volumetrics instead of risk. Have we reached a breaking point?
In the white paper, we explore why CVE and CVSS alone are insufficient.

Modern Approach to vulnerability management, prioritization, and why CVE are not sufficient anymore
  • Severity of vulnerabilities
  • Locality and where those vulnerabilities appear
  • Business Impact
  • Probability of exploitation based on cyber threat intel

Modern organizations applying DevSecOps methodologies require a multi-approach to Vulnerability Management spending.
Read some of the use cases and success stories of organizations that manage to prioritize

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