Vulnerability Management Program White Paper

We put together a modern Guide to Application Security, Cloud Security – Vulnerability Management Program

Application & Cloud Security Vulnerability Management Programme

Modern Approach to Application & Cloud Security

Building and consistently growing a vulnerability management program is not an easy task.

The traditional vulnerability management programs are usually focused on infrastructure security and patching.

A Vuln Management program’s scope should use relative risk to focus efforts on the highest risk vulnerabilities within the context of business operations and the existing topography of IT infrastructure, rather than guessing about which assets attackers will seek to exploit.

Where to start when scoping

In the Report below we walk through the available frameworks and how organizations can leverage prework, technology and people for the rapid scaling of vulnerability management programmes

Modern organizations applying DevSecOps methodologies require 
a multi-approach to Vulnerability Management spending

Application Security

  • Code Vulnerabilities
  • Libraries and Supply Chain for Open source and other software
  • Dependencies tracking

Infrastructure Security

  • Operating System
  • Application Running on Live Machines

Container Security

Cloud Security

  • Container
  • Images
  • Misconfigurations

Complex Regulation Landscape

New regulations are coming into the market to help with resolution time regulation and mandating more security in the various parts of the ecosystem.

In the report, we analyse which regulation should be looked at when implementing the vulnerability management framework

PCI-DSS already regulates Resolution time and scanning capabilities (e.g. Pentest every 3 months)

HIPPA focus on breach notification rules and strong access control

ISO 27001 Requires Risk management throughout the lifecycle of software and audit of suppliers

GDPR requires strict control of data and supply chain audit following best risk practices

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