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Appsec teams are increasingly under pressure to deliver value, putting immense pressure on the business to scale effectively. Achieve a single view on vulnerabilities, automate triage, include the location of the asset and the prioritized risk. Automate manual tasks and scale your team 4x faster than your existing approach with Phoenix Security Platform.

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Application Security for enterprises without pain and burnout

Application security for SMEs and enterprises is challenging and requires information, insight, and expertise.
Appsec professionals can only triage and cover a limited number of applications by manually reviewing them.
Application security programs are most effective when guided by metrics such as Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and scaled with auto-triaging.

When no vulnerability is a priority, all the vulnerabilities are.
The Phoenix Security platform enables you to run application security programs at scale without burnout. It lets you focus on the most critical vulnerabilities by auto-triaging and managing vulnerability backlogs for development and security operation teams.
Let Phoenix Security do the grunt work so that you can focus on the smart work.

First things first
with Context

Laser focus on the 10% of vulnerabilities that matter today, reduce risk faster with prioritized contextualized risk.



prevents burnout

Achieve a single view on vulnerabilities that are contextualized and prioritized


Scale security


Smarter risk, intelligence and automation reduces cost and improves efficiency.
Free security teams from triage.
Work SMART scale with Phoenix Security



ACT on Phoenix

Correlate and Track Application Security Vulnerabilities

Aggregate software vulnerabilities are leveraging our award-winning risk correlation engine. Correlate what software you build and where you deploy.

Track real-time changes to your environment and update your asset register to correlate new assets and application deployment. Leverage Phoenix’s Security threat intelligence and insight, or bring your threat intelligence to prioritize real-time vulnerabilities that are most likely to get exploited.

ACT on what matters most

Achieve a path of green in a landscape of red

Phoenix Security natively integrates with modern workflow tools like Jira, and Azure devops, and other communication tools such as Slack and Teams, delivering a prioritized and targeted list of vulnerabilities that require immediate attention. By leveraging threat intelligence, business context and locality, the Phoenix Security platform continuously reprioritizes vulnerabilities enabling developers to work on the things that matter most.


Automatically track users and owners

Measure, monitor and track progression to resolution, leveraging Phoenix graphical models. Leverage the auto-tracking functionalities to understand who owns which assets and what are the biggest risks from a team perspective.
Leverage appsec insights to supercharge your security champion program and your application security training. Let the Phoenix Security platform track the most common issue and focus on training developers on security in a smart way.




Phoenix Security Risk Formula

whitepaper application security and operational security SLA and prioritization

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Vulnerability Management Framework

How to Implement a risk based approach on application security

Shift Smart a Risk based Approach on Appsec

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Shift Left vs Shift Right

A platform to benefit the whole business


I need help identifying the vulnerabilities that matter most, scaled to match the number of developers. How can I focus on risk instead of individual vulnerabilities?


Security is a board-level issue. I need to provide my security team with the tools to do their job brutally efficiently, minimising the business’s risk.


When there are thousands of vulnerabilities, what I need from the security team is a clear list of what to focus on. When everything is a priority, nothing is.

What use cases
Phoenix Security Solves

Application Security

For appsec and DevSecOps teams. Prioritize appsec vulnerabilities and scale application security programs with a risk-based approach.

Cloud Security

Prioritize Cloud misconfiguration and scale Cloud security programs with a risk-based approach

Risk Assessment

ACT fast on Risk and fix the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that matter most. Drive Risk based actions and set targets for engineers based on risk profile.

Vulnerability Management

For SOC and SecOps teams. Prioritize vulnerability and scale vulnerability management programs with a risk-based approach.

Asset Management

Know the asset that you own, and what’s assessed, and act fast on the vulnerabilities that matter most. Asset management and risk assessment all in one.

Automated Workflow

Phoenix Security empowers security teams to act fast on exploited vulnerabilities and when threat actors exploit them in the wild. Automate Ticket opening, and escalation and block vulnerabilities going to production.

What is CSPM?

Cloud Security Posture Management- correlate application security and Cloud security in one single place, allowing you to control and act on the most important misconfigurations

What is ASPM?

Application security posture management -automates the identification of software assets and the tracking and scheduling of all application security tools and processes.

Trusted by Top Security Professionals

As a cyber security practitioner, I saw first-hand what complexity can do to an organization; risk has been the key to mastering and communicating with the business. I’ve seen it first-hand in my years in cybersecurity.

Mike Takla

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at HackNotice

As both a deep practitioner of cloud and application security as well as cyber risk quantification, I am excited about the increased context and democratization of CRQ that Phoenix Security brings to the industry. There is no another platform looking to combine across disjointed security silos and also bring in a whole host of integrations, intelligence and quantification to the masse.

Jonathan Rau

CISO Lightspin, Former AWS Security

As a cyber security practitioner, I saw first hand what problem application and operational security have and appsec phoenix is revolutionizing the way those two teams communicate in terms of risk

Vandana Verma

Security Relationship Leader Snyk

As a cyber security practitioner, I saw first-hand what benefits centralizing and translating vulnerabilities volumetrics into cyber risk does

Chris Martorella

Product Security MIRO,Former CISO Skyscanner

As Appsec practitioner, I saw first hand what complexity does to an application and cloud security program. Phoenix Security understands how to execute at-scale cloud and application security programs, linking applications to deployment. I am excited to see innovation that helps to simplify, visualize and prioritize

John Kinsella

Co-Founder Cysense Journey

Phoenix Security has a unique view on risk and quantification and is what we need in running application security programmes in an optimized way.

Chris Hodson

CISO Contentful

DevSecOps programs struggle to keep up with the sheer number of vulnerabilities across multiple build pipelines. Phoenix allows us to focus on the exploitable items first

Chris Romeo

Co-Founder Security Journey

Phoenix Security is solving an essential problem in Application Security, providing both high-level risk-based views for leadership and detailed technical views for developers and engineers and ultimately removing the friction running AppSec Programmes.

Kevin Fielder


I’ve seen Phoenix Security over the year and it has one of the most compelling AppSec features the prioritisation of work for DevOps Team reducing the burden of work for resource-starved Security teams

Stephen Owen

CISO Esure Group


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