At Appsec Phoenix our mission is Making Software security Smart and accessible to everyone in an organizations 


The reason behind this mission comes from the frustration in application security and complexity in communication between business and developers. 

Developers want a list of task to deliver security.

Security wants to scale but does not often have the resources to do so. The business wants to deliver features. 


All of them need to be around the same table to progress harmoniously and have the same set of data to decide upon. 

But is never like that, security screams to solve issues, the business screams for more features and developers are caught in the middle.


We are here to bring harmony to the discussion.

We started this journey to make life easy for everyone in the business accelerating the speed of development and decision making and removing frustration and friction



Our Guiding Principles

CF – Customer First

Customer view comes before everything. Serving customers is key. Making the customer feel valuable and valued. 


IO – Ideas Backed by Ownership

take ideas into action, own the ideas and showcase 


EF – Execution First

Focus on execution, ideas without a plan and a roadmap are just thoughts 


IF – Inclusion and Fairness

Everyone should have the equal opportunity  


ODC – Open Doors Communication  

When something does not work speak up 


BL – Be a Leader

Inspire, mentor and be a role model for others



BB – Have a Backbone

When you believe something is right disagree and back the argument with data and communicate clearly action and a plan


DF – Data First

AppSec Phoenix is a data company and we encourage documentation of argument and backing them up with data 


LBC – Learn and Be Curious 

Carve out time to learn and explore

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