CSCP S03EP12 – Jonathan Slater – Reskilling and starting in cyber

CSCP S03EP12 – Jonathan Slater – Reskilling and starting in cyber

CSCP S03EP12 - Jonathan Slater - Reskilling and starting in cyber


CSCP S03EP12 - Jonathan Slater - Reskilling and starting in cyber


Jonathan Slater is one of three Co-founders at Capslock, a cyber security education start-up tackling the cybersecurity skills gap and helping adults re-skill. CAPSLOCK has raised over £1m pre-seed funding and re-skilled over 200 UK adults in cyber security in 2021. 

Jonathan’s previous career as a recruiter made him realise there was a gap in the market and he sat down with the other two female co-founders and started capslock.

To note capslock is one of the rare startups, luckily more and more common, that is made for more than 50% by a female cofounder.


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Capslock Team

0.00           Introduction

0.35           Jonathan’s background

1.04           Welcome Jonathan

3.30           The state of the industry

6.30           Education catch up

7.35           The importance of soft skills

10.05         Gender diversity and unconscious bias

16.36         Measuring potential

18.40         Team based learning/diversity of thought

23.00         The curriculum

26.15         Cyber – the multidisciplinary field

27.35         Avoiding career redundancy

29.15         Start-up life

30.24         Working remotely

31.08         Maintaining good mental health

32.48         Positive message

33.50         Conclusion


Jonathan Slater


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