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New Features Released – March-April 22

Date Posted: 10th April 2022

April Q2 Has new features coming (not April fool)

New Integrations:

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New security Screen to capture what is most impacting across the board 

New Quantification screen and Exposure over time

NEW Features

New Integrations:
– Qualys Web
– Burp Suite Professional import 
New Features:

– Security Dashboard screen.Overall Risk dials
– Exposure over time
– Deployable assets and the biggest cybersecurity hitters
– Asset View Cloud
– Containers
– vuln by container
– Exposure Over Time chart in the dashboard.
– Ability to configure a different ticketing platform/project per Component.
– Ability to (de)select all scanner targets while creating Components.
– More Granual Quantification
– Improve scanner and workflow deletion warning popups (info and layout).
– Make the phone optional if MFA is disabled.
– Improve behaviour on long lists of workflow projects/reports.
– Bug Fixes and minor UX/UI Improvements
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