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Don't burn out, don't lose your head follow the thread that connects them all container let us show you the direction with data and follow the story of Josh trying to explain vulnerabilities in a simple way Discover how to act fast and now on the application security vulnerabilities that matters

Many Threads, little time

Product Security/Appsec

I think i found them all, it took me days (josh) to put together this … is all interconnected 



I think we might need a bit of help i feel i don’t get the full story out of all this data…

what application is more at risk? 

How can i tell this story to the various team

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let us show you the thread

Every part of the business is connected


I need help to identify the vulnerabilities that matter most, without going mad. How can I focus on risk instead of individual vulnerabilities?


Don’t want data without insights, want direction not millions of vulnerabilities. how can i follow the thread when everything is so chaotic? 


When there are thousands of vulnerabilities, what I really need from the security team is a clear list of what to to focus on. When everything is a priority, nothing is.

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