AppSec Phoenix Black Hat Europe


Appsec Phoenix will be at black hat Europe with Application and cloud security unified into an actionable risk-based contextual view.

We will host a raffle on the day and announce the winners on both days. Ask us about appsec phoenix, decypher the cypher and win a special prize. Decypher the code, come and win the special price

Black hat is around the corner, and we will have a busy event with a lot of news and updates. Appsec phoenix will have an important announcement on the day, so don’t miss the live stream.

During the day, we will have a coffee break; come, coffee is on us; being an Italian, you know it will be good.

Italian must-have coffee.

In between coffee breaks, we will have talks, workshops and fireside chats at booth 338 (schedule below)

Appsec phoenix also has a raffle on the day, with winners announced on day 2  

> Live stream available on Linkedin Live, Twitter, and Youtube channel live

Come and join us to talk about your application security and cloud security programme. Ask us anything about cloud and application security.

Day 2:

BHD1 7/12/11 10:00 10:45 Francesco Cipollone Coffee & Appsec – ASK Me Anything – Booth 338
BHD1 7/12/11 11:00 11:45 Francesco Cipollone Open Q&A Coffee & Appsec – ASK Me Anything
BHD1 7/12/11 12:00 13:00 Lunch Break Lunch Break
BHD1 7/12/11 13:00 14:00 Open Q&A Open Q&A Coffee & Cloud Security
BHD1 7/12/11 14:00 14:45 Francesco Cipollone Sean Turner Fireside Chat – Cloud security & Challenges
BHD1 7/12/11 15:00 15:45 Francesco Cipollone Grant Ongers & Sam Stepanyan Scaling an application security programme – Metrics that matter
BHD1 7/12/11 16:30 17:15 Francesco Cipollone Francesco Cipollone CVE / CVSS Land of broken dreams – Context is king
BHD1 7/12/11 16:30 17:15 Francesco Cipollone Francesco Cipollone Raffle Ticket & SWAG Giveaway
BHD2 8/12/11 10:00 10:45 Francesco Cipollone Paul Harragan Global CISO KKR Cloud Security & Application Security are the priorities of a global CISO
BHD2 8/12/11 11:00 11:45 Francesco Cipollone Andrew Pannell Fireside Chat – Application Security & Vulnerability Management
BHD2 8/12/11 12:00 13:00 Lunch Break Lunch Break
BHD2 8/12/11 13:00 14:00 No Talks
BHD2 8/12/11 14:00 14:45 No Talks
BHD2 8/12/11 15:00 15:45 Francesco Cipollone Francesco Cipollone CVE / CVSS Land of broken dreams – Context is king
BHD2 8/12/11 16:00 17:00 Raffle Extraction & Prices
AppSec Phoenix Black Hat Schedule and talks

Why AppSec Phoenix

Appsec Phoenix is an innovative risk-based solution that focuses on execution first and brings developers, executives and security around the same data with different lenses and a focus on execution. AppSec Phoenix removes the stress from devsecops and lets developers focus on what’s more important, delivering value to the business with security at the centre.

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