AppSec Phoenix Partners with Snyk to Crack Down on Code-Snatching Cybercriminals

The risk assessment platform makes enterprise security easy with full integration capabilities with Snyk to help protect users’ code 

LONDON, England (September 20, 2021)—Thanks to a powerful cyber security collaboration, code-stealing cybercriminals are seeing a decline in their business. For SMEs looking to keep cyber security in house with a simple security tool with a huge ROI, AppSec Phoenix delivers peace of mind through its risk-based management platform. The platform also seamlessly integrates with Snyk to ensure code libraries remain secure and locked away from cybercriminals. 

AppSec Phoenix is an innovative all-in-one smart application security solution leveraging the power of Insight, ML and AI to protect online and cloud applications. The next gen risk-based security management solution allows application builders and in-house security teams to monitor risks and impacts easily and quickly identify and fix cyber vulnerabilities before they become a problem. 

For clients already using Snyk to protect their code, AppSec Phoenix offers an added level of security by giving teams a comprehensive view of all of their cyber security metrics in one intuitive dashboard. Snyk is an industry leader in the open-source security sector and provides accurate code scanners to detect vulnerabilities. AppSec Phoenix, when paired with Snyk, offers contextual and prioritized risk results. Together, these two powerful cyber security tools provide an effective solution to help SME executives set security targets and guide the work of developers who can quickly identify and fix potential issues. 

Francesco Cipollone is the driving force behind AppSec Phoenix. Cipollone is a household name in the world of cybersecurity, and his innovative approaches and industry startups have earned him worldwide attention and numerous awards. He is also a respected thought leader in the applications security sector and has spearheaded security programming efforts for some of the world’s most notable brands, including Amazon AWS, HSBC, and other financial organisations.

AppSec Phoenix was born out of Cipollone’s interest in helping SMEs simplify smart security and risk-based vulnerability management in a cost-effective way that cuts out outsourced security firms and puts the power of security into organisations’ hands. Driven by these factors, AppSec Phoenix is easy to use and employs innovative AI technology and industry insights to secure clients’ software while integrating with many of today’s leading cyber security programs, such as Snyk. 

“AppSec Phoenix’s partnership with Snyk empowers businesses to develop quickly while protecting their code and code libraries,” said Cipollone. “AppSec Phoenix, when integrated with Snyk, gives developers an easy way to identify risks to their code on the fly, so they quickly make adjustments and mitigate the potential of cyber security breaches. This powerful combination of security tools is a game-changer for SME executives who want to confidently set cyber security benchmarks while also making developers’ jobs easier.”

New partners can enjoy 50% off AppSec Phoenix’s services for early adoption, limited to the first ten organisations that register.  

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About AppSec Phoenix

AppSec Phoenix was established to provide an effective all-in-one security solution for application developers and businesses. With our easy-use platform, we’ve simplified a notoriously complex problem faced by many companies, small and large, working in the finance field and beyond. Learn more by visiting .

Francesco is an internationally renowned public speaker, with multiple interviews in high-profile publications (eg. Forbes), and an author of numerous books and articles, who utilises his platform to evangelize the importance of Cloud security and cutting-edge technologies on a global scale.

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Francesco Cipollone
AppSec Phoenix, the leader in ASOC, pioneering the cloud security and application security relationship, was selected amongst thousands of startups and the only one in cybersecurity as a finalist for the prestigious world communication awards. AppSec Phoenix’s Francesco Cipollone, pioneering the cloud security and application security relationship, was selected as a finalist for the innovator of the year award.
Francesco Cipollone
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Francesco Cipollone

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