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New Features Released – Jan-Feb 22

Date Posted: 10th April 2022

Beginning of the year, wars, a slowdown economy but that has not stopped us from getting you those amazing features

We have a new Mascotte (Diego the appsec cat)

Also, the team is working hard despite being in a tough spot (Ukraine war)

Get me to the new amazing features!

New Integrations:

  • Integrate with SNYK Container
  • Improve usage of Snyk data
  • Capture and display Snyk’s long description
  • Associate Snyk vulnerabilities with correct scan type
  • Integrate with GitHub CodeQL scanner
  • Import vulnerabilities in BurpSuite XML format
  • Complete SonarCloud integration
  • New Dome 9 extensions

New Workflow

  • Integrate with Azure DevOps
  • Integrate with GitHub Issues
  • Improved Comments, Security Context and other elements in Jira tickets
  • Working on Slack, ServiceNow

New Features:

  • OWASP Signup flow & New Free Licence
  • Zero-day vulnerability alerts and matching
  • Create screen Cloud Assets
  • Create screen for Containers (Dockerfile, image)
  • Enable Google OAuth flow (not used in Prod)
  • Complete False Positive flow
  • Complete Deployed Applications page
  • Complete changes to Apps and Envs pages
  • Updated permissions mechanism
  • Update license mechanism
  • Improvements to the Vulnerabilities list page
  • Display license details in Org Settings
  • Improve ASP Admin search
  • Improve Org Settings screen
  • Show Vuln Risk Elements as text in Summary
  • Update Selection Engine rules for vuln selection
  • Update Risk Formula

0 Day Alerts with auto-identification of the vulnerable apps

Asset inventory table & SLA/MTTO/MTTR
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