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Data Driven Vulnerability Management

We created a white paper to explore the SLAs, SLOs, OKRs and other methodology to measure effectiveness in vulnerability management 

Data-Driven approach on vulnerability management

SLA are dead Long live SLA - A novelle approach to measuring progress and encouraging a healthy resolution of vulnerabilities

Modern organizations are challenged every day with a resolution of vulnerabilities. 

Fixing vulnerabilities requires much more than just a patch, just an upgrade and there are several ramifications in dealing with development and operation teams

SLA, SLO and other vulnerability measurements are soon getting out of date. 

Explore in the whitepaper the challenges in this traditional approach, when it works and when it does not

Security Timelines

We explore the complexity in fixing vulnerabilities in different stages and from multiple sources.

Modern organizations applying DevSecOps methodologies require a multi-approach to Vulnerability Management spending

  • Application Security
    • Code Vulnerabilities
    • Libraries and Supply Chain for Open source and other software 
    • Dependencies tracking
  • Infrastructure Security
    • Operating System
    • Application Running on Live Machines
  • Container Security
  • Cloud Security
    • Container
    • Images
    • Misconfigurations 


Security Timelines
Data Driven Vulnerability Management

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