AppSec Phoenix LIVE STREAM @ BLACK HAT Europe – Fireside Chat on Application & Cloud Security

AppSec Phoenix Fireside Chat @ black hat europe

Appsec Phoenix will be at black hat Europe with Application and cloud security unified into an actionable risk-based contextual view.

We have lined up several amazing speakers to share lessons and discussions on applications and the cloud, how to secure them and the pitfalls.

Appsec phoenix also has a raffle on the day, with winners announced on day 2  

> Live stream available on Linkedin Live, Twitter, and Youtube channel live

Day 1:

Day 2:

Come and join us to discuss your application and cloud security programme. Ask us anything about cloud and application security.

BHD17/12/1110:0010:45Francesco CipolloneCoffee & Appsec – ASK Me Anything
BHD17/12/1111:0011:45Francesco CipolloneFrancesco CipolloneCoffee & Appsec – ASK Me Anything
BHD17/12/1112:0013:00Lunch BreakLunch Break
BHD17/12/1113:0014:00No TalksNo talks
BHD17/12/1114:0014:45No Talks
BHD17/12/1115:0015:45Francesco CipolloneGrant Ongers & Sam StepanyanScaling an application security programme – Metrics that matter
BHD17/12/1116:3017:15Francesco CipolloneFrancesco CipolloneCVE / CVSS Land of broken dreams – Context is king
BHD28/12/1110:0010:45Francesco CipollonePaul HarringtonApplication & Cloud Security – Priorities for a global CISO
BHD28/12/1111:0011:45Francesco CipolloneAndrew PannellFireside Chat – Application Security & Vulnerability Management
BHD28/12/1112:0013:00Lunch BreakLunch BreakBreak
BHD28/12/1113:0014:00No TalkBreak
BHD28/12/1114:0014:45Francesco CipolloneSean TurnerFireside Chat – Cloud security & Challenges
BHD28/12/1115:0015:45Francesco CipolloneFrancesco CipolloneRaffle Extraction & Prices
AppSec Phoenix Black Hat Schedule and talks

Speaker BIO:

Christopher Hodson

Christopher is a seasoned CISO, currently holding the position of CISO @ contentful, previously CISO of Zscaler and Tanium.

Cristopher is often described as a versatile CISO with demonstrable experience in cybersecurity maturity improvement for market-leading companies in the retail, technology and financial services industries. Christopher is comfortable in the server room as the board room, I pride myself on tailoring cybersecurity strategy to organisational risk appetite and business objectives.

Paul Harragan

Principal, Global CISO, KKR Capstone

Paul Harragan (London) joined KKR in 2022 and is a member of KKR Capstone. Mr. Harragan is KKR’s Global Cybersecurity lead for the firm’s portfolio. He is a seasoned information security and cyber defense executive. Mr. Harragan was an associate partner with EY-Parthenon and led EYP’s cybersecurity practice across Europe, advising both private equity and corporates on cybersecurity strategy, risk and transformation. He has led cybersecurity diligence on deals across multiple industries globally. Mr. Harragan holds a BSc in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Westminster.

Sean Turner

Sean is a CISO by vocation, and a software engineering leader by profession. He’s hands-on and can usually be found hacking away in some security, infrastructure or operational capacity. He’s worked in FinTech a couple of times now; he was a fairly early hire at a regulated robo-advice startup in 2016, and latterly worked in the crypto derivatives space, helping to launch a Crypto MTF and a Benchmarks administration firm. Through an acquisition he then ended up in a security leadership position at Kraken for a few years. His technical specialties include Identity Management and Cloud Native Computing.

Andrew Pannell

Andy is the application security lead for Gett and an OWASP Newcastle Chapter Leader. In the past his mobile app security research has featured on the BBC and The Register. Outside of infosec Andy is a huge believer in Bitcoin”

Previously served as head of cybersecurity at Bottlepay, a cryptocurrency startup. Before this, he was a red teamer and a penetration tester focusing on web and mobile applications and conducting research on the side. He currently helps run a security meetup in Newcastle, has spoken at several conferences and runs a free mobile app hacking workshop.

Grant Ongers

Grant is the CTO and one of the co-founders of Secure Delivery. He’s an experienced CISO, with experience spanning development, operations and security. He’s built platforms for regulated industries for more than 10 years, has over 20 years managing operations from NOCs to mainframe and DBs.

Sam Stepanyan

Sam Stepanyan is an OWASP London Chapter Leader and an Independent Application Security Consultant with over 20 years of experience in IT industry with a background in software engineering and web application development. Sam has worked for various financial services institutions in the City of London, specialising in Application Security consulting, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), developer training, source code reviews and vulnerability management. He is also a Subject Matter Expert in Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and SIEM systems. Sam holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a CISSP certification.

Another reason to come to black hat and visit application security phoenix

During the day, we will have a coffee break; come, coffee is on us; being an Italian, you know it will be good.

Italian must-have coffee.

Why AppSec Phoenix

Appsec Phoenix is an innovative risk-based solution that focuses on execution first and brings developers, executives and security around the same data with different lenses and a focus on execution. AppSec Phoenix removes the stress from devsecops and lets developers focus on what’s more important, delivering value to the business with security at the centre.

ask us how here

Francesco is an internationally renowned public speaker, with multiple interviews in high-profile publications (eg. Forbes), and an author of numerous books and articles, who utilises his platform to evangelize the importance of Cloud security and cutting-edge technologies on a global scale.

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