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AppSec Phoenix Release the New Community Edition

Date Posted: 25th May 2022

We Love our community and we want everyone to be more secure today: Get access to the free version of appsec phoenix:

Appsec Phoenix announces the launch of the new and improved version of the Phoenix DevSecOps platform helping organizations drive risk-based decisions on application security, cloud security, container and infrastructure security. Through leveraging patent-pending technology and one of the most advanced risk formulas the award-winning AppSec Phoenix DevSecOps Platform secures companies’ software, cloud and container optimizing the use of DevSecOps resources and developers by providing the most updated list of vulnerabilities to solve. Armed with this knowledge on potential cyber exposures, security teams and developers can more quickly mitigate risks and resolve vulnerabilities to prevent future cyberattacks and security breaches.

Appsec Phoenix and the AppSec Phoenix DevSecOps Platform today open the freemium and community tier to all the users that want to take risk management, vulnerability management and application security to the next level, signup today at

Francesco Cipollone is the founder of Appsec Phoenix. Cipollone is a thought leader in and champion of the smart security sector and has founded and invested in several cybersecurity start-ups throughout his career. Previously at AWS and HSBC he faced the issue of scaling the DevSecOps team first-hand. He has also been involved with the Cloud Security Alliance and currently serves as the Chapter Chair of the organisation’s UK and Ireland chapters. Cipollone also hosts the Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast, on which he and his guests explore current issues affecting the cloud and cyber universes.

Leveraging his deep experience in the cybersecurity sector, Cipollone launched Appsec Phoenix to give clients an intuitive, all-in-one single pane of glass to detect and remediate cyber vulnerabilities across cloud, application, container and infrastructure security. With the award-winning translation of risk-based targets in an intelligent actionable list of vulnerabilities to solve cross domains, the AppSec Phoenix DevSecOps Platform allows users to visualise vulnerabilities across all types of systems and software and prioritise them so IT teams can most efficiently close security loopholes. Thanks to its vulnerability correlation, aggregation and features, Appsec Phoenix saves cybersecurity teams time identifying and fixing issues and provides developers clear to do actions on what to fix first.

Appsec phoenix created the new enhanced community tear to allow all the organizations to get started on cloud and application security:

Unlike other risk management platforms on the market, Appsec Phoenix employs real-time risk assessment and a next-generation risk-based prioritisation of vulnerabilities across multiple domains: Cloud, Application, Container and Infrastructure Security. These assessments allow cybersecurity professionals to quickly develop actionable plans for resolving the most pressing security issues. Insights within the Appsec Phoenix dashboard include the probability of exploits, vulnerability density, exploitability scores, neighbour risk scores, and time to resolution.

With the power of real-time risk data in hand, Appsec Phoenix clients can resolve risks in weeks, not months, than without the platform’s insights. The rich data environment also promotes cross-organisation collaboration, especially between security teams and developers, and reduces pressure on security teams. Clients using Appsec Phoenix also gain the ability to clearly and consistently report on risks thanks to Appsec Phoenix’s clear risk visualisation capabilities, which can help security teams more effectively communicate with company leadership regarding risk status and promote buy-in when it comes time to upgrades to systems and software.

“We are pleased to launch Appsec Phoenix’s new platform with the community tier to enable every security team to scale and facilitate the work of security champions,” said Cipollone. “With a clear target for the business executive that gets translated into tasks for developers, Appsec Phoenix helps developers and security teams maximise their effectiveness and their company’s security while boosting the company’s ROI by mitigating costly security breaches and attacks.”

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