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AppSec Phoenix and AWS Integration Offers an Enriched Security Environment without the Need for Scanners

Date Posted: 26th September 2021

The vulnerability management application pairs seamlessly with AWS to identify vulnerabilities and quickly resolve them

LONDON, England (September 29, 2021)—AppSec Phoenix, an innovative risk-based vulnerability management software, has announced a partnership with AWS, the premier on-demand cloud computing platform. The native integration provides a powerful digital security environment to AWS users, helping them detect and resolve threats without a scanner.

Francesco Cipollone is the founder of AppSec Phoenix. An award-winning cybersecurity expert and industry thought leader, Cipollone has orchestrated security programming for some of the world’s most notable brands, including Amazon AWS, HSBC, and other financial organisations.

Cipollone created AppSec Phoenix to simplify smart security and risk-based vulnerability management for small- to medium-sized enterprises. By employing innovative AI technology and industry insights, the application solves complex security issues in a simplified way. Thanks to its powerful risk identification capabilities, AppSec Phoenix saves partners time and money by more quickly identifying vulnerabilities that can lead to costly security breaches.

AppSec Phoenix seamlessly integrates with many cloud service providers, including industry leader AWS. When AWS is integrated with AppSec Phoenix, security teams can enjoy a more robust risk assessment strategy and resolve vulnerabilities before cybercriminals are able to exploit them. The integration delivers cloud security at teams’ fingertips, giving them an easy way to monitor progression of compliance and resolution using security hub functionality in a native integration.

With native integration capabilities, the combination of these two tools distills complex cyber exposures into a comprehensive dashboard that simplifies vulnerability tracking, risk metrics, impact insights, and more.

“We are delighted to announce AWS’s security hub and other security tools native integration with AppSec Phoenix, offering identification of vulnerabilities for all AWS users in a simple and clear interface,” said Cipollone. “Users of the platform are now able to leverage the power of cloud-native deployment and a single overview of security vulnerabilities coming from software or the cloud without the need of a scanner.”

Clients who sign up for AppSec Phoenix as early-adopting partners can receive a 50% discount on services, limited to the first ten organisations that register.  

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